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XLData - The Latest List of Key Contacts in Top Companies! The Sunday Times, ABN Amro, PwC, Deloitte, Dow Jones, Economist Newspapers, The London Stock Exchange, SABMiller Plc, Royal Bank of Scotland, ITV, Premier Global Services, Novell, Investec Bank, Government Cabinet Office, The Office of Fair Trading, Intel Corporation all use our Service. (Hi Clive, I just wanted to let you know that the database you supplied me with has been fantastic and I’ve already had business in from the contacts you supplied. The excel spreadsheet has been easy to integrate into my Act! Database and the data has been up to date and really relevant. Many thanks – you’ve made my business start-up a lot easier than I expected.Helen Garland, Progress Personnel)


In these conditions, please note: 

“The List Owner”              means the supplier of the data; XLData 

"The List User"                  means any party to whom XLData agrees to supply the marketing database(s) 

"The Database"                  means all information and materials forming the subject of any agreement between XLData and The List User

 The provision of The Database to any List User by The List Owner shall comply with the following conditions.

Any order for data by a List User shall create a contract only when accepted in writing by XLData.


1)   Any data supplied by XLData to The List User shall be used only for the specific purpose(s) or permitted

      use of addressing and despatching mailings and/or broadcasts whether by fax and/or email and/or telephone

      marketing and/or for the purpose of statistical analysis. All data supplied by XLData to The List User for

      statistical analysis only remains the property of the XLData unless otherwise agreed at the point of order.

     XLData shall not be held responsible for any and all loss, damage or expense which The List User may incur

      as a direct (or indirect) result of use of The Database or any breach of this condition unless otherwise specified by

     XLData prior to accepting an order. 


2) The List User shall not disclose or communicate (in part or in whole) any part of The Database to any other person

     outside of its offices, other than those whose position makes it necessary to receive such disclosures for the purposes

     of the permitted use of The Database. The List User acknowledges that The Database has been "seeded" and will be

     monitored to prevent any unauthorised use. Any usage by unauthorised parties as a result of disclosure or re-sale

     by The List User will result in legal action being taken against The List User to recover costs in line with the costs

     and fees levied by XLData.


3) XLData warrants that use of The Database must comply with all relevant Data Protection Acts, all relevant

    Acts of Parliament and all other published codes of practice and regulations applicable to The List User.


4) The List User acknowledges that XLData has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the

    information contained in The Database(s) supplied by XLData. XLData shall not be liable for any

    error therein or for any loss, damage or expense incurred by The List User unless otherwise agreed by XLData

    at the point of order.


5) All monies due under this contract are due in advance of the supply of The Database. XLData reserves the

    right to withhold The Database in the event of non-payment by The List User. Any deposit(s) are non-returnable

    unless deemed so by XLData. Where credit terms have been extended to the The List User, all monies due

    under those terms must be paid by The List User within the period of credit stated on the invoice.


6) The List User shall not duplicate, reproduce, re-sell, hire or lend The Database (in full or in part) to any third

    party without the prior written consent of XLData.

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